New Years

from by Armalite



sneak peak at a song off the forthcoming Armalite EP to be released with much fanfare this fall....


Hoped to kiss you in time for the countdown/Saw you smiling but I couldn't make it through the crowd/They went crazy; that kind of thing doesn't faze me much anymore/Resolutions to be broken/Work, debt, school: I see you're still smoking/But tell me how do you figure this crowd could be any bigger than me and you? I want you, but/You have got to remember whose side I'm on: I don't hate you/And you had better still call me when you hear those songs I mix-taped you/When I was coming home in that condition and my keys were lost/And you blamed me/If I can find a cheap place in the Mission (or the Richmond) you can fly out here/And stay with me/Saying "You should've known better."/Offering "You're too hard on yourself." Still cheers, you're here, so Happy New Year/"Forgot and never brought to mind?" I don't think that's quite our style/But still we're singing "Auld Lang Syne."/But I was looking out for you/Like I fucking s'posed to do/Or something along those lines/When I wake up New Years Day/In whatever place I've stayed/Sorry I'm so far away/But I've been thinking about you/Like I guess you'd know I'd do/I've got your postcards written too.


from Armalite EP, track released October 30, 2011
Daniel: mandolin // Atom: package // Jeffrey: zither solo // Michael: hype-person // Lyrics: Goren, McKee, Townshend, B.Yardigan, etc. // Recorded: Srochey



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